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Link not detecting devices


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Running Link (2.4.4948)

With Commander 2 (2.06)

Lighting Node (1.1.9)

Cooling Node (1.2.11)

AX760i (not showing any version)

H100i (1.0.5)

Hydro USB (2.0.0)


I know the haswell CPU temp won't show up, but there is also significant amount of available information that Link doesn't pick up:

Geforce GTX 650 - GPU Usage, Vid Usage, FB Usage and GPU voltage.


My Samsung SSD and the Seagate HDD show temperatures, but although detected in the Options Devices screen, the Toshiba and Hitachi drives do not show any temperatures.


Asus Motherboard temperature is not shown, though Asus will tell me both it and the CPU temperature as will other programs.


Is this just a not supported issue or is there some configuration or software conflict I may be missing?

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Hi GrahamB. After 3-months + with Corsair support the answer is simple.


Step 1: Run Winver in Run command.

Step 2: Uninstall iCue complete and if you have Link installed, that too.

Step 3: Restart Windows. (Yes I know its windows 10 but this is hardware related. Do it).

Step 4: Install Corsair Link for Windows version 1809 OS Build 17753.557 or later.

Step 5: If you want iCue for your keyboard RGB and other accessories install that now.


You should have all devices showing in Corsair Link!



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