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H100i concern


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A while ago my LED stopped working altogether but I was prepared to live with that as the inside of my case is lit anyway and it was just a 'gimmick' feature.


However now I have concerns over my pump speed. It used to hold at a steady 2288rpm but now it's running faster, alternating between 2296 & 2304rpm.


I know the difference isn't massive but I've previously had to return a H100i back in January of this year and this is the replacement.

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Sorry to bring this back to bear.


The pump is still alternating between 2296 & 2304 rpm, which I accept is within it's tolerance however in the last couple of days when the pump runs upto 2304rpm it's been making quite a noise, above it's normal gentle hum and I'm starting to wonder if it could be the death rattle shaking.


It's still within warranty currently and I'd rather it be sorted before it runs out so I'm not left with a dead h100i just a few days/weeks outside it.

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