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Raptor LM3 scroll wheel not working correctly


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On my second lm3 and the same thing has happened again the scroll wheel works fine for a few days then it starts scrolling erratically when on web pages.

The pages jump up and down and when gaming it is impossible to select the right icon as the wheel scroll's through the menu randomly.Have had no reply from corsair.

Does anyone know why this is happening.

Is there a fault with the product is it not compatible with my pc ???


sabertooth 990fx

fx8120 cpu

asus 6850 gpu

8gb vengence ram

windows 7



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I tried it on my son's pc and its the same.He has the same mouse and his is ok.

Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

It is the second one i have had as the shop replaced the first one as faulty.

It worked fine for a few day's then slowly the scroll wheel becomes erratic as did the first 1.

could it be something to do with my mother board.

I have checked all my usb ports voltage out put and they are all working correctly.

I have also moved the mouse around all the ports and the problem is still there

Have contacted corsair but have had no reply as yet.

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I am having the same issue. Scroll down causes the page to violently move up and down.

After reading several articles we are not the only ones complaining about this. Several other threads are discussing this.


Raptor LM3

Win7 Pro

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