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Carbide 540 fan setup


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Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some additional input for fan placement in the 540 for positive pressure. The large holes in the bottom of the case and the other ventilated areas on the rear of the case make me feel like I would need to have the front three fans as intakes as well as my H100i on top as intake to increase the pressure. Leaving the rear as exhaust. I feel like this setup would be needed because of the large holes etc. Could I hear some thoughts on how others feel about this or how others have theirs set up?


Thanks in advance! Arrrg::pirate::

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you guys need to stop posting about this case!

i want one and even if i bought one,i dont have the goodies to put inside it:(:

soo i guess i just have to envy you lucky ones:D:

regarding your fan setup,its best to just experiment and see what works best for you

generally speaking tho,i like to bring air in from the front and pull it out the back but i dont concern myself about positive pressure

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