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Upgrade memory to 8 GB and now windows7 rebooting


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My guess is that since both machines are displaying the same symptoms that it would be a compatibility issue.


Some of the older machines used memory modules constructed with 256mb IC's and the new modules that are being produced today are made with 512mbIC's making them too dense for the BIOS to see.


I do realize that these modules appear on the compatibility list for your laptop found here in the memory finder. Sometimes it does not reflect newer modules and can be inaccurate in some cases.


Did you make sure to reset the BIOS before inserting the new memory? Often the settings from the previous memory are not flushed out of the system when new memory is installed. If this is something that you have not tried, please do so.


If they both still return to the boot loops it may be best to return the memory and purchase it directly from DELL in this case.

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