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Hello ladies and gentleman. It's that time!


We are back! A very exciting time indeed! We have been working hard in the warehouse trying to get on top of stock and orders for Parvum cases! However in our evenings and our own spare time we have done our very best to work on a new project.


A quick word about the sponsors. As with all of these builds they are not the most traditional where you simply do a build and get sponsor stuff in exchange for finishing the build. All parts that we have been lucky to get for this build are 90% trade items. So to say... you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. We have done custom case work for pretty much all of the companies who have supported this project and intend to do much more.


This project will be the first ever full size Parvum Systems case. It will feature a full size ATX board and multiple GPUs. Please understand the purpose of this is to also act as a working prototype.

This won't be the end user 'retail' tower but a lot of the techniques we use and features seen here will be in the final product. Also understand any feedback, criticism & ideas received here will be taken on board. The whole point is to make our cases as perfect as we can!


A little break down of what we already know for the build; Understand it is overkill. This is the one time we are going to go crazy... all the hardware, all the watercooling.. a really powerful build:



  • 5 X 240mm Radiators
  • 1 x 360mm Radiators
  • 18 x 120mm Fans
  • 1 x Haswell CPU
  • 1 X 4 Way SLI Motherboard
  • 4 X GPUs
  • 3 X D5 Pumps
  • 8 X SSD
  • 3 X 3TB Storage drives
  • 1 X SATA 3 Raid card



Our personal building style doesn't really favor much from rendering, if we do use them its more to ensure we've not screwed up with a length of a panel or a screw hole here or there. So I do have a render but this is a lose idea of the build. Something for you to see to give you an idea.

We never sketchup the hardware or the loop. These things come to us when the builds actually in front of us.


The one thing that is a certainty is the almost 500mm of clear acrylic tubing that will be mounted into the front panel system of the case. Should be a nice little feature!


Here are a couple of quick renders to give you an idea of the over all look/feel:





To give you an idea of our previous work. See two photos; Project ITX & Onwards and upwards. mATX for the bigger case, ITX for the smaller. This should give you a good idea of our overall build style and give you an idea of what to expect but on a much larger scale:





Over the last couple of months we have been tweaking the design. Finally we are happy to a stage where some can be cut:








So before I show you the initial panels... we have been very lucky here at Parvum Systems. I suppose a combination of dedication & support from all you guys has led to this! On the 17th of this month we had an extremely awesome CNC system installed. We had a couple of days training as standard with the machine and got on really well with the technician. Was a great couple of days and we pretty much got straight to optimizing Parvum case cutting. Even made a new friend ;)!


Here are a couple of shots of the installation and cutting of the first panels for this case:


















So to show you a little bit of the cutting for today. The first BIG mid wall! Was fun to bend it, had to make a slightly bigger jig. Pretty standard here just more standoffs and more size!





We changed the 24pin & 8pin EPS to small drilled holes for neater cable management. We also changed the hole placement for things like Sata cables to be 50% under the motherboard. Again to keep it all nice and tidy. We actually used a photo template of the board to ensure everything is in the exact place before the we physically had the motherboard:





Basically just wanted to just get this project log up and online. We have actually cut 75% of the panels so we will assemble after work tonight or tomorrow and get the initial assembly photos online in the next update! We will start to filter in some of the parts & hardware provided by our sponsors and show you some more of the plans ASAP.


Thanks again everyone. Hope this one will be a great project for us to enjoy together! As always if you have any questions... want to know a little more about something or what something is just ask.


Justin, Shaun..


Parvum Systems!

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Assembling the first of the panels:


Back once again (for the renegade master)... for another update. Not sure why I posted these lyrics, but it is the weekend now! Almost...


Apologize here for my writing style and for how many exclamation marks I use. I suppose I get a bit carried away some times.


First then we assemble the front part of the case. This is made up of 3 x 5mm thick layers. White first, then frosted followed by black. Really wanted to use the frosted on top of white after our ROG ITX build. Also the primary reason for this was to give us enough thickness to inlay the 12mm acrylic tubing:




Really happy with the new 'squarer' detailing used for the USB 3 header. Also hard to see in the photo but a very slight chamfer to slit for the slot loading drive:





Frosted on white with some of the cubes installed:




Note here the removed section to allow the 90° bent tubing to pass through into top and bottom chambers:




Some more photos of the front assembly, the USB and drive detailing. Then the third front layer:







Installed the case bottom and the internal bottom chamber:




Top chamber & middle wall in place. Lots of white space inside this case:




I will shut up talking and continue assembly now:












Last little update for tonight; wanted to check the USB header fit with no issue. We decided to inlay the full plastic unit into the back of the white. To then be screwed into the clear in the front as usual:






That's your lot then guys and girls!


Hope your enjoying this so far... it's hard to see the case as we see it. This case will very much change when we start to get some hardware and cooling inside. But so far couldn't be happier.


Have a great weekend and please, hit us with some comments and ideas as and when you get them! We like ideas :D


Justin, Shaun,

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Hi all, quick little mini update for you all. Had to cut some frosted at work so did the bits for the detailing and shot a quick little video at the same time.


But first we have a speedy unboxing of the FlexCage MB973SP-B. I wanted to have a nice quickly removable solution for large mechanical drives. This was the answer. It also gave us a couple of extra USB3.0 ports at the back if needed. Simply useful to chop and change drives in the work place.








Love the item. Few subtle plans. The base colour of the unit is fine no problems there. Will change the sticker to a piece of vinyl, change the fan and braid the cables at the back there. Test fit however went great. Nice as we only pulled the measurements from the technical data found on the website:





Next onto a little treat in the post from Asus: The MAXIMUS VI EXTREME!

Took a couple of nice photos of the board pre waterblocks and a what to find in the box!

Considering doing something with the OC Panel in this build:








Next we fit the male parts to the already cut female. Perfect fit fortunately :)






To finish for the day we rendered a quick little video. Sorry it was slapdash just to show you the tool changer and a little bit of the inlay so enjoy:



See you all soon! Have a great week!

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ill click a few pics this weekend and post em,these were the 3rd hotswap brand i tried before finding some that worked well enough to trust my 14 tb of stuff in,only quirk is a controller card is a must.


Still want to have a look :D





Took the case home to get to work on the braiding and cable management. Bell's approves!

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Still want to have a look :D




honestly i took a few pics but my camera makes my computer look like a dust factory and too embarrassed to post em:o:

ill get my air blower out and tidy up and send,,didnt look that bad to me but i am blind tho

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This time will actually be a mini update :D haha. Mainly to show you a few bits from the sponsors/support and what not.


First up is the fans. Phobya have supplied the build with 17 of these little gems. Really liked them when I was first shown them and now the black version comes out.. it was meant to be!

Thanks Pascal.






Time to start making custom length cables. The current plan is for most of the rear and cable management to be visible so it was a must. Plus due to size alone most of the cables wouldn't have even been long enough:






And the part I hate the most. Solder time....





With his new length cable and some Shade 19 MDPC braid:




Next up some of the goodies from XSPC; super stoked on these fittings. We used them first in the ITX build. Love the shape and overall size. Feel nice and chunky and very suitable for this build. Black chrome finish on these:






We move onto the radiators of choice. Decided to use the white rads as the fans are black and will break up the colour enough between the fans and the inside of the case.

These are currently my favorite radiator and aesthetically nothing touches them for me. Really want to use the smaller 120mm versions in an ITX project!


A big thanks goes out to Paul for helping set this up. Really enjoying the current XSPC range. They seem to be really on point with their latest and coming range of products.








To finish for the day.. as I said it is a short update we simply had a little test look at two of the rads inside Magnus:







Until next time :D

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Sorry for the delay y'all!


To update you on some things at the warehouse first. We have been busy.. more busy then ever. We have still been trying when possible to custom mod some Parvum cases, these have been ticking over nicely. In between that we have been working on a bunch of stuff for Nvidia. We did a series of cases for an American prebuild company that will be being used at LAN and show events by Nvidia themselves. We have also done a few custom battlebox cases.


Next in line will be a massive restock of the mATX case. We then plan to get the ITX case out to retailers. We are looking at the end of November for these.

Finally we have a new guy at Parvum, Stephen is his name! Please flame away if you are an EVEN rather than a PHEN ;D! You may well see his hands in this project... maybe.



Sorry this really is a filler update. Show you all some hardware going in so we can then at least get down to the more fun stuff... custom res', straight tubing.. the usual!


Thought I'd start things off by showing you an ITX rig we did for a close friend. Managed to cut build and fill in one day. *There goes our only day off*...

Really stoked on it. Custom modded the case to fit an extra 120mm rad PSU side so this little guy has 2 x 120mm rads cooling the CPU:




So to MAGNUS! We start with a cheeky 4770k! Thank you Jim and thank you Intel for the support, without it... well, we would be CPUless... haha:




Next what will cool the chip... this build we have gone fully XSPC. This is due to wanting to go down a slightly new route on our builds and having a close friend at XSPC. It's nice to support them, one small company to another:






Next a little teaser of whats to come... HUGE block to mill something nice and custom:




Some of you may have noticed this feature from the render, but almost 500mm of hard line tubing will be inlaid into each side at the front of the case. Will be a great feature with the fluid:





So more hardware show-off... thanks again to Jim over at Kingston. He's gone all out on this build as you will see a little bit later. But first.. some RAM, 32GB in fact!






More XSPC as we block up:




Up next is another lovely item from Asus.. Sorry I did say this was a hardware update.

Thanks Gareth, I know GPU situation was a headache for this build!




Really nice packaging and the stock cooler!! :O, it's a shame we have to remove the thing. Asus have done a really great job with this cooler:







It would be rude not to show you the board with blocks and a cheeky GPU test fit:










That's all for today. Sorry it took a while to get it to you and then it was ultimately just some hardware.. but like I said.. now the hardware is in place we can figure out the fun stuff!


Thanks for reading! Show some love! :D

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I don't want to be a jerk, but...you're posting a build log on Corsair forums for a build that has no Corsair parts. It's lovely, but don't you think that's a little inappropriate?


I originally posted my first project log here as I used a pair of Corsair SSDs. In fact I once used 8 of that very Corsair SSD. It was also very correctly branded. This case has since been to over 10 events with Corsairs logo pride of place:


I know this build lacks anything Corsair so I understand if you don't want Parvum this Parvum that, Asus this Kingston that all over the place.


Feel free to remove the project log. I think your comment was the first interaction as the build section is very quiet here anyway. Thanks for the kind words about the build however!

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