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Corsair H100i Failed? (High CPU Temps - Pulsating Red)


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Corsair H100i Failed?




I'm pretty sure its the pump on the H100i thats failed, the fans work fine but the LED as started to pulsate red and the PC will shut down within seconds.


I cant hear anything from the block, radiator or tubes when I place my ear on to them. Now you might have a funny picture in your head of a guy with is head in a PC. Its not quite like that, I've had to pretty much remove most of it from the PC and replace it with an old air cooled block. So I'm able to place my ear on it now, like I said no sound, not even a slight hum or vibration.


My question is, is the pulsating red LED a kind of fault diagnostics? I've never seen it flash red before! Or I'm a missing something? I don''t want to unnecessarily start a RMA.


Any advice would be welcome.

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