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white carbide 500R defective parts


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greetings, i purchased an arctic white 500R and i'm having a few issues.


1)the top of the case vibrates badly because the removable panel is not snug when closed. there is some play from front to back.


2)the side panel with the fan has multiple issues. the side panel vibrates because the mesh is loose. also, the side panel has a slight warp which i can't fix which makes it hard when i have to attach the side panel and screw in the thumb screws. there is also a bend in the center of the panel near the mesh which weakens the rigidity of the panel.


i bought my 500R on amazon.ca about a month ago. i don't want to return the case because the system is already built and being in a wheelchair, taking everything apart and lugging a huge box back to the post office would be hell.



these are the parts i need:


SKU# CC-8930024 Carbide 500R Case - Left Side Panel (Arctic White, side panel, left, with fan holes for 120mm and 140mm fans)


SKU# CC-8930021 Carbide 500R Case - Top Panel (Arctic White and Black Top Panel with Mesh Insert)


if possible, i would prefer to receive the new parts without having to return the defective ones because of mobility issues.

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holy crap! my parts arrived today, ups rung the doorbell and just left them at the door. they didn't even wait for me to answer the door. they took off like lightning and when i saw the condition of one of the boxes, i knew why.


the box for the side panel looks like it's been crushed a few times from multiple directions. when i opened it up, the side panel is bent and damaged.



the box for the top panel didn't look bad but when i opened it up, the clip that holds the mesh panel in the top panel was broken which makes it useless.

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