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Corsair GS700 Fan Constantly Runs


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Hi guys, hopefully someone out there can help me out!


I recently installed a new motherboard / CPU and PSU and the PSU always runs with the fan at, what I assume, is full speed.


The GS700 claims to run as required in response to the PSU temp, so I would assume the fan may at times not run or at least run at different speeds. The fan starts up and spins at max rpm as soon as it is turned on until the PC is turned off.


I have tried starting the PC cold after leaving it overnight to ensure the temperature is low and there is no need for the PSU fan to spin at full rpm. I have tried running the PC with a side off the tower to ensure adequate air flow and still the fan runs at full speed as soon as it is turned on until it is turned off.


Does anyone have any ideas or have I overlooked something really simple?

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Hi Adam, did you get this problem sorted?


I've just installed a GS700 2013 Ed. and have the same problem, the fan spins at full speed all the time, regardless of temp/load. I've tried all the suggestions in the sticky for PSU fan noise (turning off C1E, EIST, etc. etc.) and nothing seems to make any difference.


My system is very different to yours but seeing as there's no other replies to your post was hoping that if you found a solution you might post it.


Cheers, 8-)

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on my GS-700, when the PSU fan is NOT spinning, the other system fans blowing air OUT, do nothing more than suck HEAT IN backwards through the PSU.. Who ever though about this "Fan On/Off in response to HEAT" was a IDIOT!! This thing is sucking hot air right out of the PSU directly into my CPU fan, when the PSU says it's cool. Of course it thinks it's cool, my case fans are making it suck air through it BACKWARDS. :mad:
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