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M95 Problem in game (GW2)


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Hi, i've got a problem with my mouse m95.

I use my M95 to play in GW2. My thumb keys are binded to F1 F6 and the rest by default.

I used to play the right mouse button to aim the camera in combat except that I use one of the thumb buttons "hold" and jumps right click my mouse pointer back to being in fashion ... . I wish I could keep the camera locked in right click at the same time I use my thumb button. (More practical in combat anyway)

T Are there a trick at the setting of the bind? knowing that I absolutely understand anything about programming software with the option of time ......

Thank you in advance for your help because I'm unfortunately is not the only case in



Sorry for Google Trad i'm French:laughing::D:

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I'm having the same issue.


The game I play is the Lord of the Rings Online, and I wish to bind Control 1 to button 14. I successful used the macro feature to bind the key combination.


Contrasted with a keystroke (which allows for seamless pressing), macros disrupt a continuous right click. This is very annoying because mouse turning is essential to fast paced combat.


I guess one solution is mapping the quickslots I wish to bind to keystroke-able keys (i.e. 1-= or Num 0-9). But I hope the software developers will consider a more definite solution.

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