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Why can't I buy a AX1200i I like


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So I wanted too buy a Corsair AX1200i and this with sleeved cables:biggrin:.

Because the Cables with the 1200i aren't full sleeved, I had to search for the Corsair sleeve kit CP-8920045 and CP-8920053,these are black sleeves.

So after searching for 2 days and reading post on this forum, the only 2 shops in Europe that sell them are scan.uk and overclockers.co.uk:laughing:.

The 2 shops have both items on stock, but here begins the problem, neither of the shops deliver to Belgium:mad:.

So I think I buy online at the shop of Corsair, they deliver to Belgium, but also a problem here, if you want to pay there is no paypal or maestro or bank transfer option, only visa, mastercard:mad:.

I and many people don't have a mastercard or visa.

I looked at ebay and more , nobody has the kit.

So I want to buy this psu + the sleeve kit, but I can't buy the psu because I can't buy the sleeve kit anywhere:confused:.

So now I am looking again for Be-Quiet, with my older 1200w from Be-Quiet I could sleeve the cables myself without loosing the warranty, the sleeving is a lot of work. Thats why I wanted the AX1200i with Sleeve kit.

Sorry Corsair, You want to sell us the AX1200i, but you are making sure that we can't buy the sleeved cables in Belgium and Europe:mad:.

I love Corsair, they never disappointed me, but this kind of marketing I don't like and I am very disappointed now:veryangry.

So people why buying a Corsair pSU when you know that you can't get the sleeve kit:wtfeh:.

I bought a lot of Corsair stuff over the years, but if I can't get the stuff I want, because You can't buy it, this because no delivery to Belgium or no other ways to pay as only visa and mastercard, I have to go looking elsewhere:[pouts::damnit:.

I am now building a rig for a client, a C70 case, ax760i and h80i from corsair:sunglasse.

Lucky with this client :D:, because he don't care about sleeved cables, but I am not lucky because I want sleeved cables.:(:

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I already asked this at my bank and other banks, but no luck, at the city where I live in Belgium they don't do that.Why can't Corsair sell these items to a retailer and why can't you pay with maestro or paypal.


Ask a debit card, every bank does that here in Belgium. Belfius does it so. Mastecard gold named

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So I ordered a AX1200i finally.

Placed a order at scan.uk for the sleeved cable's, is more expensive as at the corsair shop, but also no worries about extra vat and import taxes.

It's going to replace my Be-Quiet dark power pro p8 1200w.

Loved the Be-quiet,could sleeve the cable's without loss of warranty, but my son needed a a new psu for his rig, but didn't wanted to pay the premium price from a new one.

Sold the Be-Quiet to my son and so finally i could order me this Corsair one, going to look nice in the 800D.

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The AX1200i got delivered:D: , Damn 280 euro for it:o:, but still happy:laughing:, it have to stay in the box until the rest of the rigs I build are done:o:, hope next week that I can unbox it and build it in my Pc;):.

Also ordered the sleeved cables at scan.uk:D: , cost 87 pond, went to bank to this international money transfer, cost me 144 euro:eek:, dam that's a lot of money for these cable's, but I save time , I don't have to sleeve the cable's myself:praise:.

Total 424 euro for the AX1200i with sleeved cable's:bling::damnit:.

You have to love Corsair:thinking::laughcry:.

But if you want something bad, you don't look how much the costs are.

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Have a lot of hobby's.

The first one on top is my lovely wife:D:;):, keep my wife always happy :loveeyes:and sometimes You get something for your pc:cool:.

So clean the house, garden, go walking with the dogs, never say no , go shopping with her etc. and your good to go when you want something new for the pc:winking:.

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So clean the house, garden, go walking with the dogs, never say no , go shopping with her etc. and your good to go when you want something new for the pc:winking:.


:laughing: always think I was the only person to do this ^^ happy to see that men have same strategies :p:


can ask you one question please: I bought mine 2 days ago from amazon (297€+ express port :bigeyes:) but when opened the box there was no usb stick voyager 8gb :/ did you got one in your box?



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