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K95-G keys assignment


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Hi, Just bought myself the K95, brilliant!! my son is using it for gaming but my use is for Flight sim. Is it possible to simply assign normal keyboard functions to the G keys, I have numerous views from EZDoK I wish to use but unable to assign to the G keys, sorry if I'm duplicating here but I have searched and the only thread and link I can find is Ram Guy's in a thread dated 02-24-2012 but the link isn't working?


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Normal functions as in WASD keys, Alt+Tab, etc?


If yes, you can use the MR button to record the key presses (For multiple keys) or the the keystroke command (Advanced Options>Basic Commands) for one key. Make sure you save the profile to the K95 and enable hardware playback as well.


More information can be found in the manuals provided with the software.

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Thanks for replying, I'm looking to use any keys, ostensibly, 1 through to 0 and also some Ctrl+ number keys, but nothing seems to be saving. I've been through the manual and it looks as though what I am doing is correct, and that when I press the G keys in the software programming mode they are programmed to the key stoke I want but when I use them in FSX there is no response... there must be a step I'm missing out, (any clues?) I'll try again tonight.
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It is easier than you are thinking.


Open the configuration software, open to the Assign Keys page.



Click the Advanced Options button.

Click the Basic Commands box, a dropdown list will appear. Choose Keystroke. Press the + button.




A dialog box asking you to choose a key will appear. I chose "LCTRL" simply because I was hitting LCtrl-PrtScn to take the screenshot. Click the OK.



Your button has now been assigned. Click Close.



This worked for me anyway.

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Thanks to both for your help, single key strokes are fine but I have an issue with Ctrl+ at the moment but as you say it's easier!

Thanks again


Hmm... I see what you mean. You can do "Ctrl" or "S", but not "Ctrl-S"... That DOES seem like a significant shortcoming. I also notice you cannot (easily?) do a macro for when a key is pressed and another macro for when the key is released...


What about a recorded macro of:


Ctrl ↓
S ↓
S ↑
Ctrl ↑




It would only be momentary but it would send the command you are after (replacing S with whatever key you are trying for).

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Thanks for your help guys, managed to assign the keys, what wasn't understanding was that by pressing the MR key this was recording the keystrokes, however just gone back to check and none of 'em are working, oh well, back to the drawing board tomorrow. thanks again!
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