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Yet Another M95 Not Tracking Thread


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Hi all


I suppose I could have posted in another thread, but I'd rather make a new one to highlight the issue.


I recently bought myself a M95, and don't get me wrong, I love it. However on day three it became weird on my cloth mousepad. It would hit spots and just get "bogged down". So I figured I would just clean the pad. After a scrub the mouse simply refused to track _at all_. It still work fine on my desk though (dark, polished real wood) but doesn't want to have anything to do with the pad.


I thought that the pad was still dirty so I put it through the wash (thoroughly destroying it in the process) but still no luck.


I then went out and got a brand new mousepad (from the angry blue lion company) and the mouse is just refusing to track on it as well (guess it's brand aware ;P)


So it's still tracking on the desk, but I've noticed that in the places the polish is getting scuffed, it is also developing problems. So I'm eventually going to run out of desk to track on.


Is there any way to get this thing to track on cloth? You know, like it actually did at the start. Or should I just nut up and buy a hard pad? I'm worried though, since it seems the mouse really only likes shiny surfaces. It didn't even want to track on the back of a hard magazine or book. But it tracks on a HDD anti static bag, and a silly plastic filing baggy (see attachment for my current setup).


I really like this mouse, and I'd rather sort it out somehow, than go through a retarded return process. I also don't want to go spend money on yet another pad that may simply not work (hard or other). It also bugs me that Corsair sells cloth pads, when their own mouse doesn't track on cloth. I would be livid if I got a Corsair pad and my Corsair mouse didn't track on it.


(Oh, I also have the latest firmware and soft from the site install / flashed.)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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So, no acknowledgment or reply or anything from Corsair? Nice...


So I've tried it on different pcs no joy. On a Linux installation, no joy. Removed drivers, no joy. Re-installed drivers, no joy. I even went and bought a Razer Sphex, and yes, no joy.


Let me be very clear, using my mouse on my desk is _not_ acceptable to me. So I would like some words from a Corsair rep. Either along the lines of "we're looking at the firmware" or "we know this surface is best for the sensor" or even "your mouse is retared, here let us replace it."


What will not work, is silence...since I have absolutely _no_ issue with resorting to ye olde twitter slap, or posting on every forum I can find about the absolute crap quality AND support of this mouse. Hell, I'm a developer, I'm quite happy to build and host an entire site dedicated purely to make people aware of the issues with the mouse.


I still enjoy the feel and layout of the mouse in general, but I cannot stand for the shocking amount of sensor related issues on this mouse, and Corsairs apparent lack of caring.


Your move, Corsair.

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I'm getting the exact same problem! I got a M95 on the 12th, and have been really liking the feel and buttons. Sadly, this past weekend it stopped tracking on my cloth mousepad. It would suddenly start moving really slowly, as if it were only picking up movements every half second or so. After a few minutes of that, it would simply stop responding.


Moving it to my desk top seemed to fix the problem, but it actually started doing the same thing after an hour or so. Leaving the mouse alone for a little awhile seems to fix it for a little bit, but it will start misbehaving in not too long. I really like the mouse, so it's frustrating to going back to my old mouse.


Looking through other posts, it looks like RAM GUY is pretty responsive to issues, so I think you'll probably be able to get help soon. From the same threads, it seems like some M95 sensors have defects, so it might require an RMA to get it fixed.

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Have you tried adjusting the Lift height in the software? Does it help?


Yep, as well as the report rate. Just about everything I could think of, even shining a light from underneath the mousepad to see if it made any difference.


This would be so much simpler if I didn't actually like the stupid mouse. :/

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