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Fake AX1200i From Bestbuy


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honestly im not trying to be harsh but I can easily say that you purchased a AX1200i and put the label of that AX1200i or a user made label on a cheap low end PSU and tried to return it to BestBuy but they refused to take it back hence why you are here posting this. I used to work for best buy for years, they never ever sell fake stuff, and after purchasing 100s of Corsair products for my customers and my self I have never ever seen this...
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I would suggest you contact your seller.


There are a few giveaways from the pictures;

1. I haven't seen the bag with the cables say AX1200i. I have only seen plain ones with just the Corsair logo.


Scroll down a bit.




2. The label on the box should not be stuck on the side. It should be at the top/side and cut when someone opens the box.


Look at the near bottom right hand corner



3. The label on the PSU has an extra icon (second last one), There also is no Q.C sticker


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The big question is , was the box sealed when you bought it?


It's probably someone elses return that got put back on the shelf. Whats sad is that it happens all the time. Most of the people that work the CS counter there have no clue as to what most products are supposed to look like.


Honestly, I didn't know BestBuy carries the AX1200i. I'm in my local one all the time and have never seen anything but the GS series for sale there.


EDIT: Toasted two of your links are dead. Figured i would just give you a heads up buddy!

EDIT2: Hmmm...Seems no matter what city or zip code i try to find that PSU in stock at a Best Buy all show up as "ship to store" or just "unavailable" Seems they are not an "on the shelf" item to begin with. I have gone through every state on BestBuy's site and there is not one store that stocks them on the shelf. They are all special order items.:confused::confused:

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The ax1200i box isn't even open. Check photos the plastic over the ax1200i carton is intact it hasn't ripped off as you could see the tear off, you easy see on photo 1 and 2 where the machine closed tge plastic package.


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It appears to be wrapped. I'm wondering if the box wasn't cut open on the end thats facing away from the camera to make it look like that.


The box,manual ect look fine, but the rest is not.


Just for kicks I'm headed to BB myself today. I may ask them to see if ANY of their stores carry them on the shelf. I couldn't find any using their store website. Every store says it's available online only. And if that is indeed the case then his story of picking one up off the shelf is a fairy tale too!

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