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Corsair Air 540 Fan Vibration Noises


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So I have had my Air 540 for about 2 weeks now and overall I love the case. Its clean and easy to work in, and has good airflow. I had a few missing parts from the case originally, and Corsair shipped me replacement parts, and all is great now.


However I have an annoying problem that is driving me crazy.

I have 5 Fans in the System, Two on a Corsair Hydrocool 55, and the three 140mm fans in the Case.


I have been plagued with a fan vibration noise that is irritating me to no end, as my case sits on top of my desk to my right.


I have a 5 Fan Controller installed that lets me turn on/off each fan, and I've narrowed it down to the vibration noise is coming from the 140m fans.


all three are very noticeable, and its not just the "whoosh" noise. If I turn one Fan on, the noise slowly gets worse, and if I press against the fan making noise, the vibration noise stops. This is symtomatic on all 3 fans, regardless of Fan speed.


The Rear fan is the worst culprit, followed by the top Front, and the bottom front is the least noisy. I notice it, but its not enough to annoy with the bottom one.


Has anyone run into this, or have any suggestions for quieting these fans down? The fan its "Based" on has great reviews and as I've said the Whoosh noise isn't the problem its the associated vibrations I can't figure out.


Any Ideas?

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Hi, I also had that vibration noise.

I solved it replacing the fans screws with rubber mounts on all fans.

I also use a fan controller, fans are now noiseless.


But you will still ear the vibration from the Hdd. This I solved placing the Hdds suspended aboved the SSD cage with Sharkoon's Hdd Vibe fixer.


I will only use the caddys for SSDs or hotplug occasionally.

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