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h100i VS haswell


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If im making a new post that is already posted on here, im really sorry about that, but i couldnt really find an answer for my question using the "search" button.


So here it goes. I just got my h100i and installed it with no problem, but when i booted up and downloaded the CorsairLINK2 program, and installed that, the problem started. For some reason the cpu panel is empty says somthing like "No data to plot". So when i set the diffrent presets on the fans like preformance and balanced, and so on, the fans wont "follow" the cpu temperature witch is kinda obvious seense the program cant see the CPU.




So i did some searching around and i found out that haswell cpus are not supported yet. But the last post i found was back in July somwhere, so what im asking is there a fix to this or do i have to keep setting the fans manually to 80% when im using my rig ?

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