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windows media player 2.0 or 4.0 channels


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Does anybody know how many channels the windows media player outputs ? I have the vengeance 1500 headset and when i play an mp3 and the source is set to 2.0 the volume is low but when i switch to 5.1 and play the same thing the audio gets pretty loud.


I also have a real 5.1 headset, when i play an mp3 in 2.0 mode it seems to me that only two speakers (left and right) are working, however, when i play the same thing in 5.1 i think more speakers are active...


does anyone know why ? My guess is that Windows Media player outputs 4.0 channels ?



EDIT: I am suspecting that using multiple c-media drivers software causes a conflict. I have three different sound devices that use those... But I am not sure of this yet.

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