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HS1 lost microphone


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Hi guys,


I've had a Corsair HS1 for a little bit more than a year. Mostly without any issue, and then suddenly today the Microphone is not functionning anymore. Sound is perfectly OK in both ears but no sound from the microphone. Tested on Windows Seven 64bits and XP 32bits. No joy.

Fiddled with the HS1 software, no joy.


Considering almost nothing has changed in my system between now and the last time they functioned well...


Any ideas ?


Cheers and many thanks in advance

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Hi Toasted,

thanks for you kind reply. It's as I feared then :/

Other problem is, I just checked my order log and I realized I had ordered the headset mid-2011. Which means a little over the 2 year warranty period.

Damn after so much time without any problem, what a shame. Only Corsair product I ever had problems with. PSUs, RAM, Cooling, all good. Just this one.

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