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Too high temperatures with H60


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I've recently installed the H60 to my system, but I think I get a little too high cpu temperature, with prime95 it goes up to 71C which of course is acceptable, but with my system I think it's a little high. I've searched around on the internet and from what I can see, many people with the same cooler, cpu and mb get around 63C. In idle the temp is 35-45C.


I have checked that the fan headers are connected correctly (pump directly to psu and fan to cpu_fan going in ~1500RPM in some load, completely normal), I have checked so that the pump is fastened correctly and that nothing is "blocking" it, but it's right on where it should be. It isn't dirty or dusty in the computer so that's not the problem either. I have tried to have the side of the chassi open, but that only seems to delay the temperatures to go up to 71C. The cpu is not overclocked.


Is there anyone who has any ideas what the problem might be, or what I can test to find the problem? I know that the temperature is acceptable, but I really want them down to a normal level. I'll be happy for all the help I can get!

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