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H80i Pump noise


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I just installed a H80i and it ran silent for a couple of days and then today started making a kind of buzzing/ticking noise. Its not particularly loud but I can just make it out over the noise of my case fans. I have turned off all the fans and it is definitely coming from the pump over the CPU. If I flick it with my finger a couple of times it stops but then soon returns again.


I looked through the thread regarding pump noise pinned on this forum but I was under the impression that this problem had been sorted out and newly manufactured kits wouldn't have a problem. I am not sure what to do with it. It seems to keep my temps ok and even if I stress test the cpu the cooler seems to work fine and keeps my cpu at a reasonable temp.


So is this an RMA issue or is there another way to fix it? I only just got it from the retailer so should I just return it to them?

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Changed it out for a new one and the noise is gone. I also noticed that the pump speed of the new one is much higher. I returned the noisy one and the retailer agreed it was defective so had no problem with a refund.


good to see you got things working for you,time to play:D:

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