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Hi Ram Guy,


I keep receiving CRC errors and corrupt installation files when I download and install programs from the internet and sometimes from a CD. I've tried installing these same apps on a different computer thinking it might just be the media or the website, but these same errors only happen on my computer. A friend of mine told me a CRC error is usually related to memory. I have the TWINX1024 3200LL memory. Since I can replicate the error trying to download Adobe Acrobat from Adobe's website I removed one of the the memory modules. Success.... I was able to install it. Next I uninstalled Adobe and replaced the module with the other piece and it errored out in the installation. I am assuming this piece of memory is bad. Can I request an RMA so Corsair can run tests on it? My computer specs are:



Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard

WD 36 GIG Serial ATA 10,000RPM

PNY Geforce FX 5600

Corsair Twinx1024 3200LL


Thank You

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