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First off , Apologies for adding to your obvious mountain of things to deal with RAMGUY. But I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned.


I've had a ticket in for a number of days regarding a faulty headset, with no response other than the auto mailed "we'll get back to you within 1 working day".

I'm starting to get a bit frustrated, Live support is never online and only American contact numbers to be found on the net ( I'm in the UK ).


The reason I bought Corsair is its a well known premium brand. These are the second Corsair headset's I've owned, The previous HS-1's also proved faulty towards the end of the warranty period but instead of claiming it I bought the Vengeance 1500's, thinking the HS-1's were your first foray into gaming headsets ,teething trouble can be expected.

I'm not a heavy handed user, the headset goes from my head to my desk, I don't travel with them, I'm not an over sugared teenager that throws a hissy fit after losing a round of CoD!


I ask, nay plead, that in your over worked but highly appreciated position, could you nudge this issue along a little...



**Edit** I now have an RMA issued, I have to pay for postage to Holland, but so be it.



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