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RMA advice, v2000


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Hi Guys


I have had my corsair headset for nearly a year now and there has been no issues, I have been lurking around the forums checking all these threads about cracked headsets and was always a critic and saying how these guys must really be wreckless with their headsets to have it crack.


Well I guess now I am the one that will be critisized and the worst part is I know for a fact that the headset was taken care of super carefully at all times. When it is not in use the headset goes straight back into its box. Was really upset to see the crack on the headset when I treat the thing like it is my baby.


Anyway, guess ill have to try RMA it seeing as though its a known issue on this headset. I just have a question re RMA. I used to live in South Africa and I bought the headset from one of the local distributors as my old company had accounts with them, i still have the proof of purchase and tax invoice for it. I have since moved to the UK, Is it possible to RMA my headset from the UK or how will the RMA process work now that I am overseas (and I have no intention of returning to South Africa), I have never in my life had to RMA a corsair product, they have always been fantastic and work forever.


Any advice will be appreciated.




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