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Link S/W not adjusting fan speeds, overriding GPU fan


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Hi guys,


I have a corsair link cooling kit, h100i, ax860i, and five corsair fans (three 3-pin pwm preinstalled in the c70 case and two sp120's 4-pin pwm aftermarket - sp because they are pulling air through demciflex filter).


I was wondering if there is some way to make the corsair link software not control certain devices. For some reason, the link software is overriding my radeon hd 7950s built in GPU fan holding it at low rpm (I haven't placed it in a group, or changed its mode). If I stop corsair link sw the GPU fan functions normally, scaling its rpm in response to load. In addition, the other fans in my case connected to the cooling node do not respond to changes in temperature in performance or custom curve mode regardless of which group they are in (have tried temp probes, h100i rad temp, and GPU temp) I can see the red crosshair on the performance curve move to the right, but not up to stay on the curve (the rpm is nowhere near its max either). The h100i rad. fans do adjust properly to increasing rad temps like they should, and the led properly changes color with rad temp. The rpm of the other fans doesn't increase unless I switch them into fixed rpm mode (the change in rpm is immediate, so that eliminates the fans spinning up as a cause). I don't have any other monitoring software running (no AI suite). I have tried reinstalling corsair link sw, removing all profiles and %appdata%/Corsair after uninstalling.


If this cant be fixed, I'll have learned my lesson and will use the MB software to manage my cooling from here on out.


Note: Initially, the h100i would shut off (fans would stop, pump lit rapid in white yellow then red and then off) when connected to the commander. On the forums found an updated fw for the h100i, connected it with USB and updated it. Now the h100i plays nice with the commander.


Software and Firmware versions:


Windows 8 with proper USB drivers installed, no conflicts - clean install, no motherboard junkware installed.


Corsair Link sw: 2.3.4816 (initially), then 2.4.4948 (neither adjusts fans rpm properly unless manually changed).


Commander fw: 2.0.6

Cooling Node: 1.2.11

H100i fw: 1.0.7



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I am running the AMD Drivers, with the vision control center - the only place to modify the fan settings is in the amd overdrive section, to set it on manual control - when manual control is disabled the fan is supposed to scale with the GPU load. Corsair link is instead holding the fan at low rpm, instead of allowing the fan to scale. I upgraded the corsair link to 2.4.5065, now custom curve works for system fans. As a temporary fix, I have the GPU fan set to manual control at 100% PWM in the amd vision control center when gaming. Note that if I uninstall the Corsair link sw the GPU fan works correctly. Also, my GPU fan is very high rpm, up to 3500 rpm - if I try using the new link sw to manage it it tops out at a much lower rpm, 2200 (in custom curve, with rpm set to 3500 for 50+ temps, or performance mode).


The ideal solution is to add the ability to disable control over fans not connected to the link hw - as it is currently, I could see a lot of angry customers with burnt cards.


For testing, I will startup a game, and alt tab to corsair link to see the temps climb to 70+ with the GPU fan staying at low rpm - when the fan is set to manual mode in amd vcc, the card only reaches 54c and fan speed is at max. Without corsair link installed, I use furmark, which shows the fan speed adjusting normally and temps dont rise above 62c. Thanks.


No other monitoring software is running (just corsair link, and amd vcc) - as far as I know, amd vcc can't be removed without severely impairing video card usability (managing resolutions, refresh rates, color management, etc.). Note, I have no motherboard junkware or additional video card software beyond the basic drivers (no AI suite or temp monitoring software).

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After temporarily taking the corsair link cooling kit offline and connecting everything to mb, the GPU fan continued to stay at low speed under load. Apparently, most radeon cards do not scale GPU fan speed correctly (e.g. Fan speed stays at 30% under 60c and is at 50% when temp is above 80c). Using a tool available from the card manufacturer (Powercolor power up tuner), I was able to set a more reasonable fan profile that keeps the card at 62c under max load. Why the card is set to overheat so easily is a mystery to me, perhaps it has something to do with avg load - in any case, problem solved, and corsair link was not to blame.
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