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Ticket Number 6114721 500R FRONT USB ISSUE


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Hi,i opened a ticket on 14/09/213 in reference to my USB 3.0 Front i/o devices dying on my Carbide 500R.

I purchased my whole set up from scan.co.uk who replaced my first case as i had already had major issues with the front usb 3.0 panel.The second case arrived with front usb issues but was workable with 1 usb port.

After building my rig for the 2nd time i put up with the issue as i really did not fancy rebuilding it all again!

Last week the front usb packed in all together with a presumed error of power source overflow and when attached to the motherboard i cant even boot into bios or windows!

The cable has to be disconnected now so i can boot up windows at least.

I have tried a friends i/o device on my m/b usb 3.0 header and works with no issues.I have tried my i/o device on his same m/b and has the same issue.

The 500R usb 3.0 i/o device is useless and after ringing scan to mention this problem i was told to contact corsair direct and hopefully would be sent a non faulty CC-8930017 Front I/O panel replacement, with all cables and connectors.

I really hope i can get some help here as i have had no reply on making a ticket a few days ago and i am fed up of having to keep pulling my tower out to access the rear usb which is difficult for someone who is disabled like myself.


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Thanks for the speedy and great customer service.

Replacement arrived, refitted into case, and so far 100% working (touch wood)

128mb/sec usb transfer speeds with my sandisk extreme usb 3.0 64gb stick from both usb 3.0 slots,happy days :biggrin:

Top customer satisfaction

Once again THANKS

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