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H100i - LED off and pump making noise


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Hello there,


I have a H100i that I have been using since they were released. Today I noticed a noise coming from the pump, and also that the LED was not on. I restarted the computer and the LED came on briefly to the default color, then shut off again and the noise started. I only used corsair link one time, to change the color on the LED to better match my build, and then removed the cable and haven't used it since. To my dismay when I went to find the cable to try a firmware update I was not able too, we have moved since I last used it and it must have been lost in the chaos of moving.


So now I have 2 questions, first being is this something that a firmware update would even fix or does it seem like I have a faulty pump? Second question, and I will continue to hunt for the cord when I get home from work today, but if I cannot find it is there any way to get a replacement?


Thanks for your help!



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