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Voyager Air 1TB no wifi access


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I was using my drive with no problems for a month. One day I turned it on and I could no longer access it via wifi. Connected it to PC via USB3 and could see the drive fine. Tried the password reset switch and that did not help. Look for hours trying to find a solution and found nothing.


But then I remembered seeing an odd file on the root of the drive. VoyagerAir-Dev.pkg


How did this get here? I did not download it on my pc and place it there and my Android is connected to just the voyager wifi with no internet pass through. After all my reading I saw how the system would halt at various points if you were trying to do a firmware upgrade so I decided to move the .pkg file off the drive to my desktop on the pc.....Rebooted VoyagerAir and now I can see my wifi again.


I am really kinda stumped on how this .pkg got on the drive and more importantly how it got stuck in a firmware loop or something without my attempt. I never attempted to update the firmware so now I am kinda scared of really trying it myself.


I am at 1.2.2 but after this odd occurrence I really don't want to put my drive out of service....



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