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H80i USB Connector


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Which USB connector are you talking about? The USB cable only occupies one USB header on your board.


If your talking about the Y-cable, those are for fans only and don't get connected to a USB. Just to the pumphead. The other unused end on that same cable is in case you would want to add a second fan for a Push/Pull set-up


Can you post a pic please?

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Thanks for the reply Peanutz94, I'm talking about the USB connector you plug into the motherboard, from the pump/block unit.




My H80i is plugged into USB_1, note that there is a blank row on top and 5 wires on the bottom row, see the connector on USB_2 only occupies one row.

So in effect I've lost a USB port, back to my question, could I just have the row with wires plugged to the top port of USB_1?

Hope this make sense.

Thanks again

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I see what your saying now. Sorry for the confusion.


But to answer your question, I don't believe so. And someone is more than welcome to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not 100% on this. I know others that have faced the same dilemma have opted for an add in card something like the NZXT USB expansion card.


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this is the same question I have.

Even if the post is quite old, I think it is possible to use only one row of the internal usb header of the mobo.

Since you can connect the pump to a type A usb port, which uses only one row of the internal usb header, then I think you can connect it directly to one row of the internal usb header.

I don't know why corsair has released this connector, with one empy row, since it connects to an internal header, using only half of the capacity of that header.

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