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Voyager Air - File Date/Time Stamps


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I have a new 1TB Voyager Air (CMFAIR-RED-1000-NA). When I connect it via USB to one of my Win7 PCs I can create folders/files on the drive and they have the correct date/time stamp....all works well in that scenario. However if I disconnect from USB and instead plug the Voyager Air into my router and map a drive to the volume, any folders/files created end up with an incorrect date/time stamp. For example, I just created a new folder on the NAS drive as I'm typing this and the date shown is 5/16/2000 and the time is off by several hours. Any advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated.



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Here is the exact cut n paste from ENG.


For security reasons, Voyager Air drive by design is an isolated terminal for any network request when running in NAS mode without enabling internet (wifi) passthru.

When Voyager Air is running on its own without enabling internet (wifi) passthru, the clock (time and date) stays with clock chip reset value, which is 2000/xx/xx.

If this customer really cares about the date and time stamp of folders he creates on NAS drive, he could enable wifi passthru to leash security policy.

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