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H100i fan incompatibility?


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The fan controller on my brand new H100i is acting very weird in conjunction with any 3rd party fans I connect to it. As you can see in the attached image, it drops the fan voltage every now and then, causing the fans to spin down.




Fan 1: Noctua NF-P12

Fan 2: Noiseblocker Multiframe M12-S2

Fan 3: Stock Corsair

Fan 4: Stock Corsair


Fan 2 drops every other second, while fan 1 only every now and then, but the stock fans behave just fine. It does not matter which output on the H100i I connect to, as the drops happen at the same rate for each fan either way. Connecting a second Noiseblocker M12-S2 yields the same "drop rate" as for the first one. This indicates to be that the dropping has something to do with the fans' wattage.


The Noctua fan uses 1.08 watts (0.09 amps at 12 volts), while the Noiseblocker fans don't specify anything. The stocks fans are labeled with 0.36 amps, which means 4.32 watts.


Is this a known problem, and can I do anything about it?


EDIT: More significant drops can also occur. I can both see and hear the fans spin down. This is with both Noiseblockers.



EDIT 2: Removed comment about max current/effect. The max values are 4 amps total, 2 amps per fan. That is P = U * I = 12 * 4 = 48 watts total, and P = U * I = 12 * 2 = 24 watts per fan. So I am well within the limits.



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I was about to post and say that Specter hit the nail on the head, as I'm now running only 3-pin fans and the problem appeared to be solved, then they started dropping again.


As I am writing this, I am also configuring Corsair Link profiles for my Noiseblocker fanse, which have now replaced the included Corsair fans because of noise. I notice that when setting the fans to fixed 1300 RPM, the drops stop, or at least happen much less frequently. Anything lower than this, and they start misbehaving again.


EDIT: 1300 RPM is max speed for these fans.

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The SP fans actually vibrate the same way the stock fans did, but it is not (as?) audible, presumably because of the higher build quality and rubber mounts. This leads me to believe that the noise problem is caused by the H100i's integrated fan controller (others might have concluded with the same before).
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Finally replaced the two stock fans with four SP120 silent fans. They're happily running stable at ~380 RPM. Did Corsair make other fans incompatible on purpose to stimulate sales?


I don't think Corsair would purposely try to make their system proprietary to exclude the use of fans from other manufacturers. Component level incompatibilities are the unintended consequences of the industry.

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