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PSU GS700 fan noise


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I have the same problem with the PSU GS700. I bought it from Best Buys and as soon as installed the unit, I hear that funny noise and notice that the fan spins for a brief moment and then stop making a disturbing noise; once I notice this, I returned the unit and exchanged it for another one thinking that the first one was bad. After installing the second one, the same thing happened; by now I thought maybe it works this way to save energy, but recently a friend who works with computers told me that PSU shouldn't make any noise unless it is bad. Hearing this, I decided to check this forum and came across with similar stories. Someone with the same problem has include a link to YouTube video; the noise you hear in the video is the same I had with the first PSU GS700 and the second unit I exchanged at Best Buy. I didn't know the problem with this particular model is so prevalent until I began to read forum and other sites. I bought this unit less than a year ago and it shouldn't have this problem. I don't use my computer to play video games, it is simply to browse the internet and email. I hope someone from Corsair could respond to the problem I have with the PSU.


Thank you.



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