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Expansion bays wont take anything


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I bought this Corsair 300R back in may, but the expansion bays have never accepted anything beyond a DVD drive. I have a fan controller that I wanted to install in it (NXZT) but when pushing the components in, it doesnt click secure or really even sit well in there. Never had this problem with other cases. I installed a new board that has supercharging software, and I want to use the USB 2.0 port it has available for it, but I want to keep the front USB panel plugged into the USB 3.0 slot. So i will need an expansion USB installed in the front bay so i can have my USB 3.0 for data transfer and USB 2.0 for super charging my equipment.


Am i out of luck and most bay drives wont work with the 300R because of its clip tabs on the side or something. really frustrated.

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