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Asus maximus vi formula - atx / z87 & cmd16gx3m4a2400c9


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Can anyone confirm if the combination mentioned in the subject field works without any issues?


Looking at the QVL for this motherboard over at Asus this memory kit is not on that list which makes me a bit worried but maybe I don't need to be...?


Thanks in advance guys for your input!

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Yes, it would be compatible, but the actual speed you can run them at will be highly dependent of your individual CPU's memory controller and how well/poor it overclocks.


In other words, just don't be too surprised if you can't run them at their full rated speed. 2400mhz is a huge memory overclock for a memory controller that only officially supports 1600mhz memory. So there is now way to say if you will have issues running them at that speed or not.


If you want guaranteed "no issues" then it would be best to stick with 1600mhz memory.

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