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Dear Corsair,


I want to request a Prepaid label for my faulty psu again. This will be the 3rd time that i will RMA this psu. I think this will be the worst PSU that i experienced. GS800



Please, I'm only a student and i dont want to spend again 40$ to ship again this item. The last time a RMA this item was 6/5/13, So After 3 months psu is faulty again. :( Dissapointed. :mad:




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I don't see any other cases under your email where we've replaced this PSU. What are the previous RMA numbers? It will help customer service if you have them


Why were your other PSUs RMA'd? If you're basing it on the 12V line, I'd recommend having it tested with a multimeter, as there's always the possibility that the reading in the UEFI reading may be wrong.

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