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M90 not updating among other things


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You know, the amount of headache that corsair products have given me over the past 6 months and most especially the last 24 hours has been more than I can handle.


1 of the 4 problems I am having involves the M90 mouse. I recently built a new computer and plugged the mouse into it, (which was working fine ish in the last build I had) Install the software, goes smoothly no problem.

Then I go to update the firmware, update firmware always fails with a USB Device not recognizes box popping up and disabling the mouse so I have to unplug and re plug it to make it start working again. Judging by all reviews and this forum, the Corsair M90 is the not a loved product. Even I had liked it in the beginning but three days later I started having issues with it.


Look Corsair, I want this problem fixed. I did not spend a bunch of money on your products for them to stop working and become problematic (your H80i almost became dust under a crusher last night).

There does not need to be an RMA because the product was actualling working less than 24 hours ago.

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I think I may have solved it. Kept bouncing around in Windows Update and basically selected everyoptional update and spent about 6 hours just downloading and installing updates, then magically the firm ware ended up working without crashing. So something in it is dependent on some sort of update from Microsoft that is either mandatory or optional.


Senna - You are in about the same boat as I was, I had just upgraded to the MSI Z87x GD65 board and this is when the firmware update issues happened. I guess check for latest BIOS then redownload Microsoft windows updates like they are going out of style and it might click for you.

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