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Need Page Size info on Neutron SSD's


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I bought a refurbished Neutron GTX 240 GB SSD with part # CSSD-N240GBGTX/RF2. Based on the published specs at NewEgg where I bought this, I believe it is the older (and faster) version with 24 nm Toshiba MLC NAND (the new version has 19 nm Toshiba MLC). Assuming it has the larger 24 nm NAND, I would like to know the Page Size of this SSD for the purpose of optimizing its partition alignment. I am going to enter this info into this partition alignment calculator: http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/157


I also bought a brand new Neutron Series 256 GB SSD with part # CSSD-N256GB3-BK and would like to know the Page Size of this SSD as well. Based on its 256 GB size, I believe it is the new version with 22 nm SK Hynix NAND (the old version was 240 GB with 25 nm IMFT NAND).


It's so hard to find these info, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance! :):

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Page Size...CSSD-N256GB3-BK

I think your question is related to alignment and cluster size.

I'm using CSSD-N64GB3-BK (the model of smaller capacity: 64 vs. 256)


The drive is aligned out-of-box.

It's quite ok to have a cluster size of 4K. This value could be also equal to 8/16/32/etc K

It would be better to test by yourself if a certain size of cluster gives some advantages in your case (from my understanding, there could be a difference. It depends on usage scenario/software in use)

In average (for "generic" home user) it's ok to use 4K clusters.

In my case there was almost no difference. But i am not using databases etc.

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