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Corsair Keycaps/replacement - Help please!


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Hi all,


A bit worried. My silly brother spilt water over my keyboard. He said it acted funny typing "asdf#" etc when he pressed the A key or S Key. So in his infinite knowledge he tried to dry it with a hair dryer before I got back. Unfortunately the plastic keycaps literally melted and resolidified awkwardly (no damage to the body of the keyboard nor the cherry keys under the keycaps). So the keys cannot be pressed at all.


Thankfully the keyboard seems to be fine and the water dried up and fully functioning. However is there anyway to get any replacement keycaps (buy even!), as I doubt/don't know if it would even fall under RMA :laughing:. I understand this was a accident from my end and Corsair don't have have any responsibility towards accidents but I really don't want to chuck out a perfecting working (and expensive) keyboard because the keycaps are screwed up, so any help would be appreciated.


Ive made a customer ticket on the website as well: 6111246.

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