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Should I RMA my Corsair H100i?


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I just finished building my pc last night and my idle temp for my 4930k is at 50c?!


I feel like that is way too high for a push/pull h100i with fans at full speed.


I'm using corsair link, real temp, core temp and BIOS temperature readings and they all say 48-52c at stock clocks.


I tried unscrewing my cpu block and remounting it but nothing has changed.

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sorry i missed your 4930k and read your pc specs.

yes temps should certainly be lower and these coolers dont have alot of areas to address but it has to be in the block seating,tim application or possibly something keeping the block from seating properly such as a capacitor .

have you also checked your pump rpm in your bios?

also what are your load temps and when its reading 50c,whats the load showing

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