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AX650 Question


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Hello i own AX650 PSU. I have some problems with clicking sound from HDD.For first my system running on SSD. I really dont know what can cause problems. So i try everything, on old motherboard try change sata ports, sata cables etc. but nothing help. For now i got new motherboard and sound is here. HDD is ok. On brother computer hdd working without any clicking sound. So for last i change HDD for old one wich is too in good condition and clicking is still there. PSU is last stuff i have not tested. Can cause this PSU ?


PS. At the same time the sound occurs there is stutter on hdd. Not on system.

Like hdd wake up.

This sound occurs randomly.

I try everything so bad psu is last thing.

Sorry for my english if something is poorly written.

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I have all power saving settings disabled like sleep mode etc. Sometimes i can hear this click even in bios. When i rebuilt computer for two weeks it was ok, then i got this problem. For now i change motherboard for new one as i say problem is still there. i check everything really everything. So psu last stuff. i dont know really :/
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