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I'm filling out an form to send a faulty PSU to Corsair. It's the Netherlands address but I'm not 100% sure what goes where from the address.


The following fields are what I'm asked for and the answers I've put int.


Delivery Postcode: 1327AH

Delivery Name: Corsair BV

Delivery Mobile: ???

Delivery Address 1: Attn: Returns Department

Delivery Address 2: Veluwezoom 50

Delivery Address 3:

Delivery Town: Almere

Delivery County: ???

Delivery Country Netherlands


I think that's mostly right but I need to put in the mobile and county as they're required. I guess the mobile one, I can just put in any old thing to pass the validation.


I'm not sure about county though - I can't see anything on the address to fill in.



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