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Strange Problem Today [Corsair H80i]


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I believe a Windows update is at fault for this really weird problem. A few days ago I successfully built my new PC. Fully tested out everything, and it worked great. Everything was optimal so I fully installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, etc etc.


Today I ran some updates - moved my PC to a different room, ready to game on it. Plugged everything in, but then my screen wasn't turning on, which is my fault for not plugging the monitor in correctly before boot up (oops). I had to leave it alone for about an hour just to be safe, since I knew an update would be happening. Gave it about 40 minutes until I realized all the USBs stopped working, the Corsair LED wasn't showing up, AND I had a red light on the mobo... I panicked and forced shut down the PC. PC would not turn on after that point, so I force-shut down then disconnected it from the outlet, and then booted it up again - thankfully it turned on no problem after that.


I've encountered tons of errors due to these stupid updates, but I've managed to fix most of them. =/ Problem is the corsair LED still is not showing up, and now Corsair Link2 is not showing the fan speeds and temperatures as it did before.


Cooling unit does seem to be functional however - BIOS shows normal readings on temp of the CPU (about 40~), and fans are fully running. Just the USB seems to no longer be working and the LED is not coming up. Should I be concerned about this?


I haven't opened it up yet because this whole dilemma has given me a migraine, but I'll probably unplug/replug the USB to see if that works but for now what I want to know is:


Does no LED indicate a problem with the USB? Should I be concerned of the cooling unit failing in any way?


Has anyone encountered such a weird problem, and if so have they found a fix for it? Maybe a driver update or something..?


Thanks for the help. ._.

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