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Cpu Cooler that fits the Corsair Dominator platinum


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Hi, as the thread title says, i`m looking for a new cpu cooler that fits the dominator platinum. I have earlier been using the corsair h100, but i broke down, so now i`m in the marked for something new. I was primary looking for an Aircooler of some sort.


"Demands": Silent, fits the Fractal desing R4, decent cooling. Not watercooling kit.

Is there something that fits theese demands?


Best reguards

Øyvind :biggrin:


My system:

Asus z87-Pro

Intel 4770K

Corsair dominator platinum

Nvidia 780

Fractal design R4

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REally all you can do is check each coolers measurements. Unless of course there is someone out here that uses the Dominators with Air. Usually they go for the Vengeance LP to avoid the issue all together. One of the few that I know of that used to fit the X58 boards was the old CMv8. But I'm not sure if the newly revised unit they have will fit over the Dom's on a Z87 board. I wish I had more for you to go on...


You can remove the fins and that will give you even a little more room and doesn't really effect the cooling of the modules themselves.


Why not just get another water unit that you know fits? I was just curious why the move from WC to air since the Hseries cooler died? I would tend to think that with that case and the sound deadening material most fan noise should be a moot point.

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I have a Hyper 212 evo with twin sp120's exhausting out the back. I'm using Vengeance blues at the moment, but waiting on my doms. Just barely clears it. Not sure if the dimm slots are the same as mine, but you should always measure first.




I also second the idea of going back to water, gonna be more silent than the SP120's on high. That reminds me, I should test the db levels and temps with the quiet connectors....

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