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[800D - USB3 kit - 20pin header] how to?


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Dear all,



I`m the owner of a shiny obsidian 800d, I just purchased a Rampage 4 extreme mainboard with native usb3.0.

I`ve got usb3.0 front panel for my 800D but how can I use it with my rampage?

Mainboard comes out with 20pin header and front panel use standard usb port..


Any help?


Thanks for your time



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When I was running my Rampage in the 800D, I when through two USB3 adapters but was disappointed with the results. Lot's of issues when burning large ISO's to DVD's or USB drives. I ended up just routing the cables through the back of the case and connecting to the USB ports on the back of the motherboard. (It's not like I didn't already have a lot of cable sticking out the back anyway.)
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