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Mic Loopback volume too low v1500


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Hey all,


I just purchased the Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset and while I like the headset overall I feel like the mic loopback volume level is way too low for my personal taste. Looking for a solution.


Things I have done/settings/etc:

1) I am using the Corsair v1500 1.1 drivers on Windows 7 64-bit


2) The mic loopback IS working.. just at a really low volume. So yes, I have gone into my windows sound panel and unmuted the microphone slider in the speaker properties/levels tab. (control panel -> sound -> right click on corsair speakers -> properties -> levels tab -> unmute microphone)


3) Both of the microphone loopback level sliders (mic loopback slider in Corsair headphone software and the one in the windows sound panel where I unmuted) are at 100%


The volume of my own voice is still barely audible through the mic loopback while there is no other sound happening... if there is any other sound (sound fx in games, other people on skype, music, etc.) it easily drowns out the loopback volume.


Is there something I'm missing?


I REALLY don't like not being able to hear the mic loopback (my own voice) when I'm gaming and talking on skype with my friends... makes me feel like I have a head cold or have wool in my ears every time I have to talk because these headphones cut off most of the outside noise.


The best volume I can get out of the mic loopback is if I turn the main volume on the headphones all the way up (which introduces a lot of high frequency white noise/hiss to the sound). Then I have to turn all of the sound levels way down in the game I'm playing so the fx/music of the game doesn't blow out my eardrums. Not optimal, but works.


I've also found that if I cup my hand behind the mic and speak, the loopback volume goes way up... to an acceptable level. So I guess I could rig up a little attachment on the mic boom. But still, not optimal.


I'm hoping I can fix this with some software tweaks of some kind. Any help would be appreciated.

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