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6 months old Corsair PSU shuts down instantly.


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Hello Corsair forum,


My old Corsair HX850 decided to stop working last January. It would shut down my computer instantly when I started a video game, and the Windows Log would inform me that it was a shutdown due to Kernel 41 error. So I did an RMA and got a new PSU sent to me, and it worked flawlessly till now. Now, six months later, the new PSU does the exact same thing. I cannot believe a brand new Corsair PSU would do this so my question is, am I possibly doing anything to provoke this issue or did Corsair send me an old and faulty PSU back which happens to have the exact same issue as my old one?

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Well, Corsair doesn't send old stock back. They will on occasion send a re-furbed unit out, but 99% of them are brand new sealed units.


That Kernal41 error is just a generic error that the system didn't shut down correctly. It doesn't mean or necessarily point to a pSU issue. Even a bad HDD can trigger that error.


There is a possibility your MB could be bad or it could be just bad luck. If you get a third unit that does the same thing, then it might be time to replace the MB.


Contact CS with your previous RMA number if you still have it and explain the situation. They will get you another PSU out pretty quick and they will pick up the shipping costs on all second RMA's

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