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CX750M, D5400XS Mobo, Dual EPS, CB10HXEP1


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I purchased my third CX750M PSU a few days ago.


This one serves as a replacement PSU for a hard-working (i.e. 8 cores near 100% 24x7) dual-Xeon Intel Skulltrail DX5400XS system.


Upon installation, I realized that the CX750M has only one EPS12V connector, whereas my motherboard requires two - one for each of the Xeon CPUs. My bad of course for not buying a dual-EPS PSU.


Now comes the awesome part about Corsair modular supplies, combined with Corsair's excellent support.


Within a day Corsair shipped a CB10HXEP1 cable out to me. This particular cable plugs into the second PCI-E modular socket on the PSU and has a heavy-duty full 8-pin EPS12V (CPU) connector to power the second Xeon on the Skulltrail motherboard.


The CX750M is running flawlessly - it's quiet and generates noticeably less heat than the (older) unit it replaced.


Special thanks to Henry TS, the support person that helped me figure out the correct modular cable and who then executed fast on the shipment.

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