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900D Hot Swap Drive Cage


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Let me start out by saying that I really love this case. The ONLY complaint I have is the almost worthless manual. I have learned so much about this case (like where the window side fan mount lives) by watching 3rd party videos. I think that if someone published a full detailed manual (in English not 200 other languages also) I would pay and buy it.


I have a question: on the 900D hot swap bays..... I am going to use just three drives to start, a pair of SSDs in RAID 0 for boot and OS and a 1 Tb Raptor for data. I am considering using the hot swap HDD bay. I do not intend to hot swap these drives but the advantage is that I will have two less power cables to run. (three signal cables and only one power cable instead of three) The power and signal cables that come attached to the 900D hot swap cage look to be of good quality.

The disadvantage is that the more connections and plugs/sockets you put in line the higher the resistance. I really do not think that will be a factor however.

Have any of you done this? Are any of you using the hot swap bay at all and if so have you had any reliability issues?


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