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yet another 900D post


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So basicly im trying to make something similar to tek syndicates build of the 900d with dual loops 4 rads and everything.


I noticed they are using EK XT series of radiators, my question can i squeeze in XTX series instead given that they are 64mm thick and still use push/pull?

According to tinytims video review when he measures with his 60mm radiators there is a good 50mm to go ( for 2 fans for push/pull ). What is a "good" 50mm? Does it mean it could be 60 aswell? Anyone have experience with the XTX series who has a good answer?

Will there still be enough room to run fittings and tubing from them? :D


The plan is 480 in the bottom 240 bottom, 480 roof 240 front.

Switching to diffrent brand may make my OCD tingle a bit ;)


optionally, would it be good to do this in the bottom compartment?

(Left side) --> fan - 480 - fan -> fan -240-> (right side) Or should both bottom be sucking in and let top exhaust, creating positive preasure?


Im new to watercooling and is planning my first build so bear with me if my questions can be somewhat stupid.


Thanks in advance

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a XTX 480 will fit down the bottom with push/pull with SP120 25mm fans ok but will blow into the PSU and make it slightly hotter but I've found it ok.

a XTX 480 with push/pull is slightly too deep with push/pull up the top and touch touch the motherboard so better to use a XT480 (which I have up the top and works fine)


With 2 480 Radiators (one for CPU and one for GPUs and Front/Back cooling you really don't need any more cooling.


For the Bottom You'll have to use some 90 Degree Adapters out from the Rad from the 480's and then the tubing will fit fine. The top one the tubing will go fine.

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