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Corsair Link - Cool idea, but IMHO just isn't there yet


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Well, I've had time to play around with the Link Cooling & Light kits. I think it's a great idea, but all in all I think it's really still a work in progress. It seems to run my GPU fans a little high, and I can't get it to control their RPMs reliably. It also seems to have issues with fan RPMs sticking at a constant speed.


These things shouldn't be an issue on a product this expensive. People will say that it works fine for them, and I believe them! Having the Link unit talk to other hardware isn't an easy thing, and I get that. However, I find no excuse for poor fan control when the fans are directly connected to the cooling node. And, like I said before, in my opinion a product this expensive shouldn't have any issues.


That all being said, the lighting kit is pretty cool. Changing colors based on temperature is sweet! I wish they sold a product that just did the LEDs. I know I can run the command unit and lighting node without the cooling node, but I don't want the command unit installed at all.


So, I've decided against keeping the Corsair Link products. I really hope they come out with a second generation that works perfectly! If corsair ever sells a stand alone lighting unit that changes colors based on temps... I'll buy it in a heartbeat!


One last thing... I'm not looking for support on this product. I've made my peace with it, so I'm just giving 2 cents on it. So, to those of you who would rush in and say I must have had a setting wrong... you could be right! I just hope that Corsair sticks with the product and continues to improve on it. A 2nd generation Link product could be pretty sweet!

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I feel the same - installed a current Link kit in my system, it's very neat, and there's a lot of potential - ESPECIALLY in the software. It all just doesn't feel reliable, bugs out a lot and so on.


Also, I hate that there aren't any single cooling nodes available to purchase anymore...

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