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Vengeance 2000 wont connect or pair


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I did submit a ticket the same day I purchased these (8/31). no response yet. Ticket number: 6094891


So right out of the box I charged the headset as per the instructions. anxiously waited my ~4 hours until the green light of glory appeared. I did plug in the adapter before hand to install drivers and get all my settings in programs setup, etc.


I turned on my headset only to find that for several minutes both the adapter and headset would just blink (eventually the headset would just turn off and the adapter still happily blinking away). no audio from headset or mic functions. They are apparently not connected. After consulting Google I attempted to manually pair the device. The result was now both the adapter and headset would rapidly blink for several minutes until the headset would return to normal and shut off after a while (I'm sure its a battery saving feature if it isn't connected).


So in the end I have tried other computers, USB ports, reinstalled drivers, beat my head against my desk and still the headset wont connect.


Hopefully somebody here might have some magical thing I can do to fix it. Or maybe someone from corsair can respond to my ticket and ill be very grateful :D I fear that I may need to get the adapter replaced or worse the headset but ill be damned if I pay for any shipping on a product I just purchased. Ill get a refund from the store and buy another with the money if it ends up that way. I love the feel. I have been wearing the non-functioning headset frequently anyway to make sure its comfortable and because I really hope it will just randomly start working :/




EDIT: Got through to live help so cross fingers I am doing something stupid and don't have to RMA

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How long does it normally take for a replacement part to ship out? Today marks the third day since I was told I'd be getting a new dongle. Still no tracking number or any clue that I'll be getting my part soon. The support tech told me that I'd get an email with tracking info once it left the factory so I have to assume it hasn't left the factory yet. REALLY want to use my headset for the FIRST TIME since I bought it.....
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Ticket number is in the first post. :D


But here it is again.




Hello icecoldwolf,


From my understanding, we will be shipping you the wireless dongle to see if that will connect first before RMA'ing the whole unit.

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